Folklore Ukraine

“Folklore Ukraine” is a new version of “Ukrainian Traditional Folklore”. Both websites seek to present the folklore and ethnography of Ukraine. Folklore is the artistic expression of the most fundamental beliefs of a culture. It articulates ideas about the relationships among people and between humans and the world around them. It is the key to understanding a culture at the grassroots level.

At present, the project focuses on Central Ukraine: Cherkas’ka, Chernihivs’ka, Poltavs’ka, and Kyiivs’ka oblasts and also more recent material from the Volyn’ region of Western Ukraine.

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We also have other websites dealing with Ukrainian Folklore. There are websites with interviews recorded in Ukraine and Kazakhstan. These are indexed and are searchable by keyword:

Ukrainian Sound Files
Kazakhstan Sound Files

We also have a new website which aims to document Byzantine rite, primarily Ukrainian, sacral culture on the Canadian prairies. This is called:

The Sanctuary Project

We also have a “crowd sourcing” site, funded by the Canadian Government, which has stories and songs from these sound recordings. The public is transcribing and translating these songs and stories and we invite YOU to contribute.

Ukrainian Folklore Audio Project

Finally, for the moment, we have four sites for Elementary Education. One is for the Ukrainian Bilingual Program which is entirely in elementary Ukrainian:

Школа Жива

The others, funded by a new grant from the Canadian Government, is for Grade 3 Social Studies. Every Grade 3 child in Alberta has to learn about: India, Peru, Tunisia, and Ukraine. At present we have extensive websites for Ukraine and India, and also China:

UkraineAlive              IndiaAlive             ChinaAlive

Our old website had information on Ukrainian Folklore in Kazakhstan.  We are generating a new website, which has the Kazakhstan-Ukrainian information and we hope to have Canadian-Ukrainian material soon.

CLICK HERE TO SEE Ukrainian Diaspora Folklore

As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions: Natalie Kononenko, Kule Chair in Ukrainian Ethnography, University of Alberta. email