Ukrainian Village Churches

The map below shows the area, just east of Kyiv, where we photographed four churches.


Church in Ploske

This is a newly built church in the village of Ploske, Nosivs’kyi raion, Chernihivs’ka oblast’.
This is in a village of 1037 people. This is the outside of the church.


This the inside of the church

We returned to Ploske in August 2013 and were very happy to see the same priest is in the church. He remembered us and asked us to take his picture.


Church in Iavorivka

This is a wonderful 200 year-old church in Iavorivka, Drabivs’kyi raion, Cherkas’ka oblast’.
During the Soviet times the domed roof was removed, a second floor was inserted, and the whole structure was converted into a granary. Since 2001, the villagers have started to make this into a functional church again. The main floor still has grain on it, falling from above, and the “second floor” has the remains of beautiful frescoes.
This is the outside, the cement between the stones is falling out and the villagers have no money to repair it.

This is the inside of the church, notice the grain on the floor.
We visited the church again in August 2013. It is still standing – but only just. The roof is leaking very badly and the covering is coming off the walls.


Church in Dobranichivka

This is a church in Dobranichivka, Iahotnys’kyi raion, Kyivs’ka oblast’ in an old school building.
In it are some wonderful rushnyky. The village has 374 people.

This the outside of the church. Click on the door to enter.


Church in Velykyi Khutir

This church is in Velykyi Khutir, Drabivs’kyi raion, Cherkas’ka oblast’.
It is the biggest village church we photographed. The village has 2,500 people.

This the lobby of the church.