The reception

Not so long ago, it was typical to see a village wedding reception held in a tent. At those, there were usually as many as 200 guests. A huge tent would be set up near the groom’s or bride’s house and decorated with balloons and flowers (for example, see one of the pictures from the wedding in central Ukraine). Nowadays, the newlyweds more often celebrate their weddings in reception halls or restaurants. Tanya’s and Ruslan’s wedding was no exception, it was celebrated at a restaurant. They invited 140 people to the restaurant reception. Quite often, the wedding guests will only come to the reception, and not go to the ceremonies at the church and klub.

The first thing you see when you enter the reception hall is a table with all of the Korovais.

Even though the wedding reception does not take place in the traditional tent, most of the traditional Ukrainian wedding customs are still followed. In addition to the old customs such as the bride dancing with all the unmarried girls and the removal of the bride’s veil by the mother-in-law, nowadays we can see a slight shift to the North American wedding traditions as well. Possibly, this shift was influenced by the popularity of American media. The most recent of these adopted traditions are the tossing of the bouquet and the first dance of the newlyweds.
The second part of the wedding reception incorporates both old and new traditions.