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Demographic map

This interactive map is designed to provide a visual representation of where the languages of the Totonacan family are spoken. In particular, it allows the user to see the vitality of these languages by presenting various population and demographic indicators for each community, as well as several comparative indicators across communities. The data are drawn primarily from the 2010 Mexican national census, with reference to previous censuses for comparison purposes. The full dataset of the 2010 census is searchable by community (see User Guide).

The lead researcher for the map is Dr. Yvonne Lam, Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies, University of Alberta.

Infinite thanks to Joshua Crowgey, who wrote the program code. Thanks as well to Simon Fung and Rachel McGraw, who helped identify the corresponding census entries (see How the map was made). Additional thanks to Gerry Andersen for his insight regarding the communities where Cerro Xinolatépetl Totonac is spoken.

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