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Pam and crew in Iringa, TanzaniaFrom left to right: Pamela Willoughby, Piitter Abwalo (Antiquities Officer), and (then) PhD students Pastory Bushozi and Katie Biittner washing artifacts at the Isimila Hotel, Iringa, Tanzania, August 2006. Photo by Dr. Leslea Hlusko, University of California at Berkeley.


Pam Willoughby in 2013Pamela R.Willoughby is Professor and Chair, Department of Anthropology, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T6G 2H4.

Office phone: (780) 492-0138

FAX: (780) 492-5273


IdIu19, a Tanzanian MSA siteAreas of Interest: Palaeolithic archaeology, Palaeoanthropology (Human Evolution), stone tool analysis, Old World, Africa; generally the study of fossil humans, their evolution and culture. Also archaeological method and theory, and history of archaeology. I have also taught an introductory course about race and ethnicity, which stresses the biological unity of all humans. In addition, due to my location in western Canada, I have become more interested in the peopling of the New World, and Alberta prehistory and early history.

IdIu19 radial coreCurrent research: The Middle and Later Stone Age prehistory of Iringa Region, southern Tanzania; the archaeology of early modern humans. Click here to see more about my field and laboratory research. Click here to see an article announcing my 2011 SSHRC Standard Research Grant (which runs to 2014).

IdIu19 pickThe April 28, 2000 issue of Folio includes an article about this project titled "When did history begin?". (Folio is the University of Alberta's staff newspaper).


Pam and core axe at Magubike 2012"Tracing humanity's African ancestry". New article about the Iringa Region Archaeological Project (IRAP) posted on University of Alberta News web site on December 13, 2012. Photo: Pam holding on to a Samgoan pick, excavated from Magubike rockshelter in 2012 (photo by Frank Masele).


MSA artifactsInformation on my role as Curator of the Department of Anthropology's Bryan/Gruhn Archaeology Collections. As well as a website about the collections, prepared by Shirley Harpham.


Ape walkingCourse information for 2015/2016

Term Course  
Fall 2014

Anthropology 593:A1 / Anthropology 486:A2 - Evolution and Social Life.

T 1400 to 16:50


Winter 2015

Anthropology 391:B1 - Hominid Evolution

MWF 11:00 - 11:50


Anthropology 313 - Middle and Upper Palaeolithic Prehistory

MWF 9:00-9:50

FiremakerMy other courses for which web pages are available:

Anthropology 150 - Race and Racism.

Anthropology 312 - Lower Palaeolithic Prehistory

Anthropology 481 - Development of Anthropological Archaeology.

Anthropology 219 - World Prehistory





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