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The following is a list of graduate students I have supervised to date.

Gregory Miller, MA, "Middle Stone Age occurrences in Southwestern Tanzania: an assessment of technology and adaptation in the Songwe River Region", Co-Supervisor with D. Lubell, completed 1993.

Greg Miller Greg Miller at Isimila, Tanzania in September 1990.


Natasha Bartels, MA, "A test of non-metrical analysis as applied to the Beaker problem", completed 1998.

Dennis Sandgathe, MA, "The detection of unmodified flake tools in archaeological assemblages in the Eastern Slopes, Alberta", completed 1998.

Dennis SandgatheDennis Sandgathe at Pech de l'Aze IV, Dordogne Valley, France in July 2000. Dennis has recently completed a PhD at Simon Fraser University, investigating Levallois technology and design theory.


Charmaine Sipe, MA, "An analysis of Later Stone Age assemblages from Southwestern Tanzania", completed 2000.

Charmaine SipeCharmaine Sipe


Jarrod Goldsmith, MA, "Acheulean cultural variability: Evidence for continuity or change?", completed 2001.

Jarrod GoldsmithJarrod Goldsmith


Dr. Isaya Onjala, PhD, “East African Middle Stone Age technology and the emergence of modern human behaviour”, completed 2006.

Isaya OnjalaIsaya Onjala


Steven Garcin, MA, “A Macroscopic analysis of a Later Stone Age assemblage from southwestern Tanzania”, completed 2006.

Steve GarcinSteve Garcin in our lab, February 2003.


Mike BillingerDr. Michael Billinger, PhD, "Beyond the racial paradigm: New perspectives on human biological variation”, PhD completed in 2006. Click here to see his web site.


Katie at Isimila in 2008Dr. Katie Biittner, PhD, “Characterization of Middle and Later Stone Age Lithic Artifacts from two Rockshelter sites in Iringa Region, southern Tanzania”, completed 2011. Photo shows Katie at the Isimila Acheulean site in 2008.


PastoryDr. Pastory Bushozi, PhD, “Lithic technology and hunting strategies in the Middle Stone Age of Tanzania”, completed 2011. Photo shows Pastory at Magubike in 2012.


washing artifacts at the Isimila HotelPitter Abwalo (left), Department of Antiquities, Tanzania, Pastory Bushozi (centre) and Katie Biittner (right) washing artifacts at the Isimila Hotel, Iringa, Tanzania in August 2006.

Katharine and snake at MikumiKatharine Alexander, MA, "A typological and technological analysis of stone artefacts from the Magubike archaeological site, Iringa Region, southern Tanzania", completed in 2010. She is shown here with a resident of the Snake Park attached to the Mikumi Genesis Motel, Mikumi, Tanzania.

Ben Collins and Ebrahim MabullaBen Collins, MA, “An Initial Zooarchaeological analysis of Magubike and Mlambalasi: Two Archaeological sites from the Iringa Region of southern Tanzania”, completed in 2009. Photo shows Ben Collins and Ebrahim Mabulla at the Mikumi National Park in 2008). Ben has completed a PhD at McGill University studying Late MSA fauna from Sibudu Cave, South Africa.

Sawchuk and BiittnerElizabeth Sawchuk at Katie Biittner at Mlambalasi in 2010.

Elizabeth Sawchuk, MA, "Later Stone Age and Iron Age Human Remains from Mlambalasi, Southern Tanzania", completed in 2012. Elizabeth is now a PhD student in bioarchaeology at the University of Toronto.


Jen MillerJennifer Miller, MA, "The ostrich eggshell beads from Mlambalasi, southern Tanzania", completed in 2012. Jennifer started a PhD with me in Fall 2012. This ohoto is Jennifer at the Sterkfontein fossil preparation lab in July 2014.

Masele and kidsFrank Masele PhD in progress. He is studying MSA faunal remains from the open air site of Loiyangalani, Serengeti National Park, northern Tanzania, as well as from our site of Magubike in Iringa Region. This photo shows him handing out candy to children at Magubike in 2012.


jeff at OlduvaiJeff Werner (at Olduvai Gorge in 2013), MA, completed 2014; now a PhD student. Jeff is studying MSA lithic assemblages from Magubike.


Amy ReedmanAmy Reedman, geoarchaeology of Magubike rockshelter. MA, 2014 to present.


The Iringa team at the U of Dar es Salaam

Dr. Audax Mabulla (our Tanzanian research collaborator), Dr. Pastory Bushozi, Mr. Frank Masele, Ms. Elizabeth Sawchuk, Ms. Jennifer Miller and Dr. Katie Biittner at the University of Dar es Salaam on July 20, 2010.


Pamela Willoughby has served as a member of numerous graduate committees of students in archaeology and physical/biological anthropology and even one socio-cultural anthropologist! I have also been an external examiner for a number of graduate students in Biological Sciences (2 PhD students in fish systematics and 3 MSc and one PhD committee for palaeontologists investigating Paleocene mammals in Alberta and Saskatchewan), History and Classics (n=2), Philosophy (n=1), Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (n=2) and even Law (one LL.M. degree).

In addition, I have supervised a number of honours theses in anthropology (subjects include archaeological method and theory), palaeoanthropology (ideas about Neanderthals, modernity in human evolution, etc.), lithic analysis and Palaeolithic archaeology.

I am willing to supervise graduate students in Palaeolithic archaeology, human palaeontology (palaeoanthropology), Old World and African prehistory, lithic analysis, archaeological method and theory, prehistoric adaptations of hunter-gatherers and history of archaeology.

Opportunities exist for undergraduate and graduate students to work in the field and laboratory on my Tanzanian stone age project. Click here to find out more about this research.

The Old Stone Age water truck in IringaMaterial from Tanzania currently available for study includes: From the Iron Age - iron tools, ore and slag, tuyeres, as well as pottery, stone artifacts and faunal remains. From the Later Stone Age and Middle Stone Age - stone artifacts, animal bones (including fossils) and shells. (The photo is the delivery truck for the Maji Africa bottled water company in Iringa. Note its name - "Old Stone Age".)

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