The Intermedia Research Studio mediates collaborative research. Like any research project, the core program of research at the Intermedia Research Studio takes place amidst an expansive intellectual context from which it takes provocation and to which it offers intervention, critique, argument and counter-provocations. To this end, the studio invites research collaboration that takes its point of departure from any of the following traditions or fields:

Cultural Studies
Research Creation
Arts-based research
Public Sociology
Participatory Action Research
Community Animation
Social Practice Art
Visual Sociology/Anthropology
Decolonizing Theory
New Media Studies
Critical Race Studies
Feminist Studies
Queer Theory
Postcolonial Studies
Critical Globalization Studies
Environmental Sociology
Critical University Studies

Intermedia Research Studio supports research and art practice that engages the use of new media, environments, sound and performance.  Research creation may involve newer or older spatial, networked and time-based media such as video, radio, computer technologies or the internet. They may involve performance or discussion, straddle a variety of media, or even fuse media in the creation of new hybrid, intermedia forms.

The Studio has an aptly interdisicplinary theoretical interest in hybridity, liminality and interfaces – the betwixt and between – and in emergence, flow and mobilities.  The Studio programme also hosts reflexive work that explores the social and political implications of research, art practices, and technologies. The Studio supports experimental forms of research that challenge reified social science and commodified art; including work that is process-driven, participatory or interactive. The Intermedia Research Studio supports the use and critical assessment of new tools, media and methods as well as new modes of distribution and engagement.



Researchers can bring their work to the studio at any of the following key turning points of their research process:

Discovery and formation: explorations through which research questions are conjured and crystallized.

Investigation: methodological innovation enabling one to pursue the trail of research questions.

Critical Reflection: data analysis, immersion in the object, material saturation from which one searches for an arc of an argument.

Knowledge Mobilization: when you need to develop strategies and media for communicating your research to colleagues, peers, constituencies, stakeholders and publics.

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