Former Studio Directors

Dr. Ronjon Datta
Dr. Rob Shields
Dr. Derek Sayer

Former Studio Producers

Andriko Lozowy
Craig Campbell

Former Research Assistants

Janine Muster
Andriko Lozowy
Craig Campbell

History of the IRS

The Intermedia Research Studio opened in 2006 as an advanced audio/visual research lab. Prior to this time, the IRS was named the Visual Culture Research lab. The VCR was established by Canada Research Chair in Theory and Culture, Derek Sayer with the help of Craig Campbell and others.

Original VCR Page: http://www.arts.ualberta.ca/irs/a.htm

The vcr was set up in 2002 by professor Derek Sayer (then Canada Research Chair in theory and culture) in the department of sociology at the University of Alberta.

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