Current Projects

Speculative Energy Futures

Speculative Energy Futures is a collaborative, multi-year research-creation project that brings together artists, activists, scientists, engineers, policy makers, and social science and energy humanities researchers to investigate the challenges and potentials of energy transition through artistic means. Through collaborative work, Speculative Energy Futures participants will produce a series of art exhibitions, dynamic publications, and other artistic outputs that bring attention to the social and cultural impacts of energy transition.

Molecular Media and Regenerative Sympoiesis

This site is my work-bench / scrap-book for my research for Speculative Energy Futures and it is a research commons. i also sketch here some key ideas and concepts i have developed through my research for our sister project, Feminist Energy Futures, and at the Intermedia Research Studio.

Time-bias Poems

Harold A. Innis’ bias of communication theory sought to draw out the implications of an emergent, modern political order hegemonized by a world scale system of nation-states, a world scale economy dominated by the new institutional form of multinational corporations and a new medium of communication —information— mediating cultural and economic flows through each other. All this has condemned us, Innis argued, to an “obsession with presented-mindedness”: or, the dominance of informational space over time biased media of social poesis. Today, our conjunctural passage is perhaps best described as the double jeopardy of green passive revolution and fascism redux working through proliferating dialectics of debt and distinction. Does not Innis’ “plea for time” then become even more urgent as a strategy of cultural politics in our time in the face of a global society of the spectacle? These research probes then seek to generate from within the space bias of our times new topological temporalities out of the very koan-like refuse of this contradictory situation.

PerfectStorm! feminist renewable energy transition RPG

Perfect Storm – Feminist Renewable Energy Transition is a role-playing “serious” game designed to enable players to explore the cultural and class politics of renewable energy transition in Canada.

Ideally played in groups, players assume avatar roles and respond to a dynamic game situation by trying to prevent a perfect storm of ongoing catastrophic socio-ecological crises and climate change events.

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