Our editorial and advisory boards are vital to our goals for Orlando 2.0. We’re delighted to work with them on aspects of the Orlando textbase, our upcoming four-volume narrative account of British women’s writing, and other initiatives.

Editorial Board

Nicole Aljoe, Associate Professor, Northeastern University

Kanika Batra, Professor, Texas Tech University

Karen Bourrier, Associate Professor, University of Calgary

Susan Carlile, Professor, California State University, Long Beach

Rachel Carroll, Reader, Teesside University

Sarah Cornish, Associate Professor, University of Northern Colorado

Amanda Golden, Associate Professor, New York Institute of Technology

Susan Hamilton, Professor and Associate Vice President, Research, University of Alberta

Clare Hanson, Professor, University of Southampton

Diane Jakacki, Digital Scholarship Coordinator and Faculty Teaching Associate, Bucknell University

Dorothy Kim, Assistant Professor, Brandeis University

Lorraine Janzen Kooistra, Professor and Co-Director of the Centre for Digital Humanities, Ryerson University

Mary Elizabeth Leighton, Associate Professor, University of Victoria

Aimée Morrison, Associate Professor, University of Waterloo

Emma Parker, Associate Professor, University of Leicester

Ruvani Ranasinha, Reader, King’s College London

Pallavi Rastogi, Associate Professor, Louisiana State University

Esra Mirze Santesso, Associate Professor, University of Georgia

Betty Schellenberg, Professor, Simon Fraser University

Advisory Board

Ros Ballaster, Professor, University of Oxford

Patricia Demers, Distinguished University Professor, University of Alberta

Julia Flanders, Professor and Director of the Women Writers Project and Digital Scholarship Group, Northeastern University

Kimberly Lau, Professor, University of California at Santa Cruz

Laura Mandell, Professor and Director of Initiative for Humanities, Media, and Culture, Texas A&M University

Janine Utell, Distinguished University Professor, Widener University