Susan Brown and collaborators win Cyberinfrastructure Funding from Canada Foundation for Innovation

We are thrilled for Susan Brown, Orlando’s Technical Director and one of our founding leaders, whose LINCS (Linked Infrastructure for Networked Cultural Scholarship) has just won a major grant from the Canada Foundation for Innovation. The project “will convert large datasets into an organized, interconnected, machine-processable set of resources for Canadian cultural research. LINCS will provide context for the cultural material that currently floats around online, interlink it, ground it in its sources, and help to make the World Wide Web a trusted resource for scholarly knowledge production.

This national infrastructure, available to all, will first benefit 48 leading researchers in fields including music, indigenous, environmental, performance, and literary studies who will investigate historical and contemporary cultural phenomena using scalable tools suited to the whole spectrum of researchers. The range of domains indicates the broad and international impact that LINCS will have in providing new means of advancing Canadian cultural studies. LINCS will expose the hidden connections between people, places, events, and culture across time, space, and media.” To read more, visit the Canadian Writing and Research Collaboratory.