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The stories on this website were all offered, translated and recorded by members of the Dinka community in Edmonton, Alberta in collaboration with Kristina Geeraert and Dr. John Newman in the Department of Linguistics, University of Alberta. Kristina took Linguistics 324: Endangered Languages at the University of Alberta in 2004 which offered a Community Service Learning (CSL) component where she volunteered teaching English at the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers to a class that included members of the Dinka-speaking community. After this experience, she continued working with the Dinka community for her Honours Project in 2005/06, under the supervision of Dr. John Newman, which included the initial development of this website in collaboration with the Text Analysis Portal for Research (TAPoR). A summer research award, Roger S. Smith Undergraduate Research Award, awarded to Kristina in 2006 allowed for further development of this website.

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