Jared Davor

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Jared Davor(July 2008)

Name: Jared Davor
Age: 28 years
Profession: Student – general art

Jared Davor has lived in Dagbamete his whole life. He prepares medicine fro women who provide difficulty with menstruation; he learned this from his grandfather. Jared said that he sings dances and drums but he has no specialties When talking about the shrine he said that there is specific music for every ritual, and they often use music for the healing of sick people in the shrine as well. He learned all of the traditional music from his grandparents and said that all of the music he remembered learned is still prevalent today. Apparently music is still mostly taught in the home not at school. When I asked him if there has been popular music influences in the village he said that the elders are quite against it so they don’t let pop music in the village much. He said when he gets the opportunity to go the city and experience new music he goes, but this is home and he will always come back to the village.

Interviewed by Erica Nissen Summer 2009

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