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To try and get some of the pronounciation correct, the 'ô' is the backwards 'c' that Wisdom and Robert sometimes write. It is pronounced somewhat like the 'o' in 'pot'. The 'ê' here refers to the funky 'e' that looks like a backwards '3'. It is the short 'e' sound, like in 'pet'.

Kundo yi yevuwode mebgo o hee
Dadabe mina mitso gbede dzi (Call)
Kundo yi yevuwode megbo hee
Misto gbe?e dzi (Resp.)

Miafe avakplola da atsiavame
Eyina ava wo gee (Call, Resp.)

Mienye tso mienye tso mienye tso
Mieyi ava mieyi ava mieyi ava
Kundo yi yevuwode megbo o hee
Misto gbede dzi.

Se adzoyi
Gahu dzo se
Adzo sabadzo (Call, rep as Resp.)

Êê loo (Call)
Êê loo adukpe (Resp) (2x)
Asô asô kinilo (asô kinilo)
Êê loo, ee loo adukpee
Nu dzô lo
O un dzô leo fumio (2x)

Ago maya fe Gotaviu maya fe (Call)
Ago maya fe gotaviu maya fe. (Resp.)

Click here to download the song lyrics for songs we have learned so far. They are divided by Drum, and for those of you who like to pay attention to pronounciation, here are some tips:
-gb and kp are individual sounds, have fun trying to get them
-the backwards c is similar to the o sound in 'pot'
-there may be syllables that are slurred together, so listen in class
-other funky letters have other special pronounciations, but they are more finicky, so just listen in class, record it, and try your best
(Your computer may or may not read the funky letters, depending on what fonts you have available.)