MENAME 2012 World Music Sampler program

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Note: preludes/taqasim are very short (less than minute), just to set the tonality and mood. Other instruments can provide drone under taqasim....wait until the soloists have finished, then a moment of silence, and we move on.

Everyone: please take care to follow your part, while watching and listening for cues, and listening to everyone else, adjusting volume, pitch, and tempo accordingly so we stay together in the groove. Listening is crucial. Not always easy to do, but if we can do it we'll do great. And we can do it!

Here's the concert order:

  • Setar prelude Hijaz D (Morteza Abedinifard)
  • Kambush (Dulab #1)(melody on nay). poem by Parto Kermanshahi. Hijaz D. Morteza leads in following his setar prelude. Percussion on wahda for first phrase, then switch to maqsum, and ciftetelli (only while instruments play it, otherwise maqsum). Perform entire song 2x, with drum solos in between (drummers: decide how you'll divide this. Don't let the tempo lag at the end of the first time through! Do slow down at the end!)
  • Santur prelude Hijaz D (Farhad Khosravi)
  • Salla Fina Al Lahza Hindiyya, muwashshah by Sayyid Darwish. Hijaz D. Michael cues one full cycle for percussion to play Khush Rank 2x, then all perform song twice. Be sure to listen for the ending, and end all together!
  • Violin prelude Bb Nahawand (Nadir Bellahmer)
  • Esimde (I Remember). (Kyrgyz song). Bb Nahawand. Composed in the 1930's by Atai Ogonbaev (1900-1949), with lyrics by Jusup Turusbekov (1910-1944). Conducted by Kanykei Mukhtarova.
  • Kermashan shari shirinim (Kurdish) in Hijaz on F. Music and lyrics by Hasan Zirak. Featuring Hiwa Waissi. Michael cues 4 beats. Percussion begin with the darb 2x. Instruments remember that the first repeat sign happens only once. We repeat the entire form 4x. All sing together, but featuring Hiwa.
  • Violin prelude Hijaz A (Ari Mastoras)
  • Ana Fintizarak: Hijaz on A. Lyrics: Bayram al-­Tunisi. Music: Zakaria Ahmad. Performed by Umm Kulthum. All perform song twice. Begin with instrumental intro 3x (all -- plucked -- bowed instruments). Percussion enter on first full bar with wahda, then switch to maqsum. Repeat "ana fintizarak" section 2x on the first time through only. Remember to sing 9 yareets only (in place of the 10th one is instrumental). After the "yareets" repeat to "ana fintizarak" the first time through. After "ya reet ni umrii ma habbeet" repeat to the top, but with no repeated sections. Slow to end.
  • Guitar prelude: featuring Dana Wylie and Dion Brocks in flamenco style. Play (Bb maj 11th - A maj) 2x quickly. Then freely: progression: C - Bb - A (2x). Then a third time - this time with all the instruments (tremelo - fast bowing or strumming). Then silence and let Samira bring in the song.
  • Mahani Zine (the song proper starts at 6:40). Hijaz (variant) on A. By Salim Halali, 1920-2005 (as performed by Emil Zrihan). Featuring Samira ElAtia. Samira leads in. (Instruments: note that the opening melody is 3x on the first repeat only.) There will be 4 verses, then instrumental solo: same chords as in the prelude (above): (Bb maj 11th A maj) 2x (each repeat = 1 bar). Then progression: C Bb A A (3x) with lots of violin fill, each chord stretching to a full 12/8 bar. Conclude with the last 2 verses, plus the chorus 2x. Percussion stop the darb for the last phrase "Mahni zine, a moulat l'aynin".
  • il Hilwa Di. Hijaz on D. Music by Sayyid Darwish (1892 – 1923); Text by Badi` Khayri. Instrumental pizzicato intro. Follow form on the notation.
  • Dulab Hijaz #2 with lyrics by Dana Wylie. Hijaz on D. Michael leads in and will cue. We'll perform the entire melody 4x as follows: instrumental - vocal - instrumental - vocal. Ending: continue singing "passes around again" (2x) while accelerating. On cue: slow to end on final 2 repeats of "passes around again". Percussionists be sure to follow metric changes: Maqsum for "In your eyes...", Ayub for "Autumn comes..." (wahda on "repose" and "one"), wahda on "each moment passes", ayub on "passes around again".
  • Ah Ya Zayn (traditional) featuring dance by Maya Christina. Hijaz D. click here for form