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  • the erase function only works with CD-RWs, not CD-Rs
  • it is possible to erase the last recorded tracks, the last 2 tracks, the last 3 tracks, but not tracks in the middle of the disc

To erase certain tracks

1. Press ERASE key

  • if the display does not show “ERASE XX-XX?”, where XX is the number of the last track recorded, turn the MULTI DIAL control until it is displayed. Ex. To erase the last 3 tracks on a disc with 10 tracks, the display should read “ERASE 7-10?” If you do not want to proceed, press STOP

2. Push in the MULTI DIAL control to erase selections. =

To erase an entire disc

  1. Press ERASE key.
  2. Turn MULTI DIAL control until the display shows “ERASE DISC?”
  3. Press STOP if you do not want to continue.
  4. Push in the MULTI DIAL control to erase disc.