Collaborative discography procedure

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(0) Name a topic within ME studies (a region, a social group, an historical period...)

(1) Define an associated musical domain,and explain why this musical domain would support study of the specified topic in a ME studies course. Musical domains might be defined by one or more of the following:

Geographical location. City, or rural area, or other geographical area or region (e.g. “Cairo”, “Oran”, “South Sinai”, “Black Sea coast”, “Tehran”), for music closely connected to place. Broader categories (“Arab world”) may be required for mediated music (see below).

Media location. Media channel(s)/scope (e.g. “Iranian national radio and TV”, “Commercial Turkish satellite TV”, CD/cassette market of Egypt…) for musical domains inhabiting primarily a media space defined by broadcast area or language (i.e. precise location is not appropriate).

Identity. Cultural-national identity (ethnic, religious, genealogical, linguistic) of musical users/producers (esp. for minorities, e.g. “Kurds of Iraq”, “Berbers of Morocco”, “Beduins”, “Copts of Egypt”), for music connected to such identities (religion could be specified for music connected with religious worship, or specific to particular religious groups)

Class. Socio-economic positions concerned (e.g. “workers”, “farmers”, “elites", "court")

Period. Historical period, either contemporary, or a specific period in the near or distant past. Writing about the distant past is fine, provided you can locate some contemporary CDs providing approximate instances.

Type. Genre, style, context of use (when you intend to write about specific genres, styles, or contexts – e.g. “Arabesk”, “Iraqi maqam”, “wedding songs”, “fisherman songs”, "music for ritual x"; otherwise this can be left out).

  • (2) Briefly (2-4 sentences) describe this musical domain, providing whatever background information you deem appropriate, and including one or two important references.
  • (3) List 1-3 available CDs (with full publication information), plus two sentences of commentary on each: (a) a sentence of description; (b) a sentence of critique. Alternatively, embed this review material in the description itself (which can then be 400 words). You don’t have to provide instances of every musical type within the domain. Think about which CDs might enhance an introductory ME studies course. CDs should all be available on Amazon, or something comparable. Please don’t list CDs which are only available in the ME, or which are out of print; such CDs can’t be ordered for ME studies courses.