Cairo and Rwanda 2012

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Fieldwork as action research in Cairo and Kigali

  • Cairo: action
  • Rwanda: action
    • Beyond old identities towards "Rwandanness" only
      • Ishyo Arts Center in Kigali, and Mashirika (music/dance/drama activism)
    • Memory studies
      • Remembering and forgetting, conflict and violence, history and alt-history
      • Fieldwork as documentation of memory, and itself a form of remembering
      • Memorialization and ethnography
    • Conflict, memory, reconciliation in Rwanda (The Rwandan Genocide, and Memorial)
    • Mashirika, Rwandan performing arts company performing at the Ishyo Arts Center, utilizing various music and dance traditions to interpret history, construct national identity, and promote social progress in diverse areas (education, health, etc.). As they say on their website:

      Our mission: Mashirika's mission is to prove that performing arts is not only entertainment but a tool of social transformation and source of employment.

    • Conference: Conflict, memory, and reconciliation (Ismail's film)
    • images, video...