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An ethnography of a local religious group and its ritual. You will study one religious group of your choosing (but ideally not one to which you belong) via ethnographic fieldwork, including participant observation with field-notes, at least one interview, and (optionally) audio-visual recording. The group selected should hold regular meetings, open to the public. Define your research by specifying the group, and the fieldwork to be performed. You must obtain permission to perform the research from group leaders, and note any conditions. Once we have all obtained this permission, we will need to collaborate on the preparation of a brief ethics application, which will include a short outline of your research project. (See; navigate to Home > Faculty, Staff and Administration > Research > Research Ethics > Arts, Science, Law REB: Application Forms). Your final analytical report, based upon participant-observation in at least three meetings, plus one interview, should comprise about 6 pages, and include (a) overview of your research site, methods, and fieldnotes (visits and interview); (b) overview and structure of the ritual observed, the sonic, textual, and social nature of its musical dimension, the meaning and significance of ritual and music for participants, and its social effects. You should apply one or more theoretical perspectives gleaned from the course to your analysis. Secondary source research is not required. You will also deliver a short oral presentation on your research to the class. At this time you will hand in your written report also.