260 Assignment 4

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Assignment 4 : Serial Study for Three Melodic Instruments

Due Date: THURSDAY, FEB 17, 11:00 AM

For this assignment, write a short (1-2 minutes) study using serial compositional techniques for three melodic instruments of your choice. Please choose standard orchestral instruments (i.e. violin, flute, bassoon, etc). Create your own 12-tone row, generate a matrix, and compose your piece based on the content of the matrix. Remember that you can use the row both melodically, texturally, harmonically, timbrally, etc. Use your imagination, and take care when creating the row to choose notes and intervallic relationships that are interesting to you compositionally.

Please turn this in using standard notation using computer-assisted notation software, and turn in both the score and a MIDI or audio file so that we can quickly review the pieces in class. If you are writing for transposing instruments, you may notate the score in concert pitch, but please indicate if you choose to do so (i.e. write "Concert Score" or "Transposed Score" at the top). Also, remember to consider the range and capabilities of the instruments you are writing for to ensure that you are writing idiomatically.