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Using Mathematica, Netlogo (the latter available also on the web)

Netlogo simulations and their relation to MCSN

Check out in particular the following Netlogo web simulations:

  • preferential attachment network (model fame and fandom)
  • diffusion on a directed network (model flow of musical objects, like tapes, with no replication)
  • small worlds network (model distance in the real world, where a small number of hops gets you far)
  • growth of giant component (in a random network of size N with probability p of a link, the giant component is the largest component if it grows proportional to N. This turns out to happen as soon as the average degree is 1, i.e. N/2 links, so the probability is (N/2)/(N(N-1)/2) = 1/(N-1) . On the other hand we can let k increase.

Other social network simulations

Graphs, in general

Preferential attachment networks

Giant component formation in random graph

Small world networks