Afrika Dukplao Lawo (Leaders of Africa)

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Afrika dukplɔlawo (leaders of Africa)

Poetry and music by Novor

Afrika dukplɔlawo leaders of Africa Mawu ne yira mi God bless you all (repeat)

mia nɔ agbe sesie long live the leaders of Africa akplɔ du kɔ wo hãyi ɖe mavɔ me you should lead your countries forever (repeat)

mia tɔ Kinkaviwo oh Kinka comrades Ghana zu ɤleti nyuiea de Ghana is a star keklem na dukɔ wo shining over Africa (repeat)

miawɔ ɖeka hee unite miazɔ ɖeka hee unity de nyigba Afrika land of Africa Mawu neyra wo God bless you

So that is the one calling for Ghana to be a star? We have to...Ghana is a star shining to the whole of Africa.

How did that one come to you?

The song? That song. (Norvor laughs) Was it for a special occasion?

Yes, by then we were going to, I mean, to GBC [Ghana Broadcasting Corporation], for our recording. Our first cassette. The day before that [was] when it came to me. So I told you that we were on the way when we were learning the song.

You were teaching it?

Yes. In the lorry. In the lorry. “The whole of Africa, you have to unite. Yes. The leaders of Africa should all unite.” So, that is complete unity.