Songwe River terrace sites

The terraces of the Songwe River of the Lake Rukwa rift contain numerous MSA and LSA sites. Some large Iron Age sites are also found, overlooking the gorge. These terraces are crossed by the main highway from Mbeya to Zambia in the southern part of the study area.

Sites like IcIu4 are located in the northern part of the terraces. IcIu4 is a MSA site, with a LSA site (IcIu5) stratified about it in some places.

IcIu4IcIu4 surfaceMSA artifacts from IcIu4

(a) IcIu4; (b) IcIu4 surface; (c) Collection of MSA artifacts from IcIu4


IdIu19 is a quarry site where MSA people collected raw material and manufactured tools. It is composed of thousands of quartz pebbles and slabs of chert which overlie fine grain deposits.

IdIu19IdIu19 pebble surface

(a) IdIu19 quarry site; (b) IdIu19 pebble surface


IdIu6 is a MSA site located near the main highway. It was first identified by a research team composed of Sally McBrearty, Thomas Wynn and S.A.C. Waane in 1976.

(a) IdIu6; (b) Songwe river valley at the highway


IdIu20, a MSA site, with modern brickworks. The modern cement factory is visible in background.

IdIu20IdIu20, a MSA site near the highway.

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