The MAPP team in Modernism/modernity Print +

Orlando is “[o]ne of the most successful transhistorical collaborative feminist projects in DH,” according to members of the Modernist Archives Publishing Project (MAPP).

In their contribution to the cluster “From Practice to Theory: A Forum on the Future of Modernist Digital Humanities,” the MAPP team connects the ethos of Orlando to those of modernist women publishers. “If [Nancy] Cunard had to cover her hands in ink and learn to print in order to publish the kinds of modernist texts she wanted to see in the world, and if Virginia Woolf had to begin a ‘press of one’s own’ in order to publish her own novels as she wished, we as feminist scholars have to do likewise, the Orlando team argues, and learn how to configure, use, and analyze the digital resources that now distribute modernist texts to readers.”

Claire Battershill, Alice Stavely, Helen Southworth, and Elizabeth Willson Gordon, “Collaborative Modernisms, Digital Humanities, and Feminist Practice”Modernism/modernity Print +, Vol. 3, Cycle 2 (August 2018).