Upcoming Events at the Studio

Here is a sneak peek at some of the events and activities at the Intermedia Research Studio this year.  Stay tuned for more information. All are invited to attend:

Fall 2018

Intermedia Research Studio Orientation: Research Creation Maker Space Open House

All are invited; Come join the community. September 28th 12-2PM Tory 1-063

The Studio’s Critical Theory of Technology Reading Group will meet every two weeks starting September 28th, 2-4PM. Sign up at the Open House.

Perfect Storm!  Feminist Energy Transition Role Playing Game.  

All are invited to play this game developed at the Intermedia Research Studio as a research creation probe into the cultural political logic of social practices and social change. October 26th  1-4PM Venue TBA

Contradictions of Populism and alt-Fascism 1 Pop – Up Exhibition

Decolonizing Technology Workshop

Members of the Studio’s Critical Theory of Technology Reading Group will present a public workshop examining the social and political coordinates of technological innovation from social reproduction feminist, decolonial, post-Western Marxist and other critical perspectives. All Welcome

Intermedia Research Creation Roundtable

Explore the possibilities of research creation with researchers from the Intermedia Research Studio-Space and Culture- Arts and the Anthropocene CoLab- Feminist Energy Futures Research Groups. All Welcome.

Winter 2019

Feminist and Anti-Racist Social and Political Economies Seminar

Contradictions of Populism and alt-Fascism 2 Pop Up Exhibition

Intermedia Poetics Workshop

Media Activism Workshop 

Toxic Media Ecologies 3 Seminar on Crises:  Intoxication and Contagion

Perfect Storm!

Perfect Storm!


We are thrilled to announce the winners of the Intermedia Research Studio’s Perfect Storm photo contest.


As the City of Edmonton has been hosting the IPCC Cities 2018 Conference and presenting this Change for Climate program, the Intermedia Research Studio at the Department of Sociology University of Alberta invited photographers to submit photographs that spoke to either of the two following questions:


What does climate change look like in your city?

What does climate justice activism led by women look like in your city?


Submitted photographs have been playing here during the breaks between Change for Climate presentations at IPCC Cities 2018.


The Intermedia Research Studio convened a panel of four judges from the University of Alberta:


Rezvaneh Erfani Hossein Pour, Department of Sociology

Dr. Natalie Loveless, Department of Art and Design

Dr. Elena Siemens, Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies,

Dr. Sheena Wilson, Campus Saint-Jean


Our judges have spoken, our winners are:


First Prize goes to:


Aleksandra Afanasyeva



Second Prize goes to:


José Luis Guevara


Seine River, Paris, France

Parisians and tourists were surprised when they saw the pathway that follows the Seine river completely under water last January. This road usually attracts pedestrians, bike riders, joggers and visitors looking to get a nice view of the river from one of the restaurant terraces. The unexpected rise of rain fell during last winter alarmed local authorities and demanded the evacuation of houses and buildings along the river.


José Luis Guevara is a Ph.D. student of the University of London living in Paris.


Third prize goes to:


Jasmine Thomas


Jenna Vandal, a Métis-Anishinaabe woman inspired and cooperatively led the Rooster Town Blockade at the Parker Wetlands in Winnipeg, MB on Treaty 1. The wetlands, 42 acres of culturally and ecologically significant wet aspen forest, were traded to a private developer who clearcut the land with no public consultation. Between July-Sept 2017, Indigenous land defenders, activists and supporters camped on the land to prevent further destruction. Activists took down the camp in Sept 2017 after a court injunction, but the developer began a civil lawsuit against 49 people.


We thank all the photographers that participated in the contest. The submitted photographs were played during the breaks between Change for Climate presentations at IPCC Cities 2018.