University of Alberta Summer World Music Program

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University of Alberta - Summer World Music Program: Spring and Summer terms

The University of Alberta offers a Summer World Music program, comprising complementary academic and performative approaches to world music. Non-UofA students can enroll via Open Studies.


The following courses, taught on the UofA campus, can be taken concurrently, or individually, and are often offered in Spring or Summer terms, sometimes both. Please check Beartracks for the definitive listing.

Introduction to World Music, Music 102

West African Music Ensemble, Music 144, 244, 344, 444, 544

Indian Music Ensemble, Music 143, 243, 343, 443, 543

Note that it is possible to enroll in the Ensembles at the 200 level and higher, following consultation with the instructor.

Music and Art in the Muslim World Summer Camp, for children; see for more information.

MUSIC 365 (INTRODUCTION TO ETHNOMUSICOLOGY) will sometimes be offered- contact the Department of Music more for more information.

Enroll on Bear Tracks


In addition, please consider our African Arts and Culture in Ghana summer program], comprising 3 courses (9 credits) in 5+ weeks.