The Music of Rumi: a concert performance

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A multimedia event...

       Listen to the reed and the tale it tells,
       How it sings of separation...

The music of Rumi is...

  • the song of the reed flute, nay
  • music in the sound of Rumi's poetry
  • music as metaphor in Rumi's poetry
  • musical settings of Rumi's poetry
  • music as a metaphor for the performance of all mystical love texts
  • music as a metaphor for the ritual experience of Rumi's poetry, for Rumi as Mevlana, as saint
  • music as a metaphor for mystical experience and spirituality generally
  • music as a metaphor for the harmonious machinery of the cosmos, the synchrony of micro/macrocosm, the mutual whirling of human and universe...

The concert

  • Dance-recitations, performed by Geha Gonthier: the poetry of Rumi, and other mystical poets...with musical accompaniment on tar, nay, violin
  • Rumi recitations, performed by Saleem Qureshi, with musical accompaniment on sarangi, nay
  • The Indian Music Ensemble
  • Kreisha Oro
  • Songs of love, from The Middle Eastern and North African Music Ensemble:
  • The poetry of Rumi, performed by Mehdi Samadi, Persian classical vocalist
  • The poetry of Rumi, performed by Najva Persian music ensemble
  • Ecstatic music and dance from the West African Music Esemble