The Music of Rumi: a concert performance

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A multi-art, multi-media event...

8:00 PM, Saturday November 24, 2007, in Convocation Hall, on the University of Alberta campus

Admission is free

Presented by the Canadian Centre for Ethnomusicology

       Listen to the reed and the tale it tells,
       How it sings of separation...

Mawlana Jalal-ad-Din Muhammad Rumi

Born 800 years ago, September 30, 1207, in Balkh (in present-day Afghanistan)
Died December 17, 1273, in Konya (in present-day Turkey)

The music of Rumi is...

  • the song of the reed flute, nay
  • music in the sound of Rumi's poetry
  • music as metaphor in Rumi's poetry
  • Rumi's poetry as musical performance
  • the musical performance of all mystical love poetry
  • the ritual experience of Rumi's poetry, of Rumi himself
  • songs of love and longing
  • the ecstasy of music
  • the harmonious spinning of the universe, the mutual whirling of human being and cosmos...

The concert is...

  • Dance-recitations, performed by Geha Gonthier: the poetry of Rumi, and other mystical poets...with musical accompaniment on tar, nay, violin, and tabla by Steven Byrne, Michael Frishkopf, Niyati Dhokai, and Ojas Joshi
  • Rumi recitations, performed by Saleem Qureshi, with musical accompaniment on sarangi and nay, by Regula Qureshi, Vinod Bhardwaj, and Michael Frishkopf
  • The Indian Music Ensemble, directed by Sharmila Mathur
  • Original Compositions by Kreisha Oro with vocal accompaniment by Haley Nelson
  • Songs of love, from The Middle Eastern and North African Music Ensemble, directed by Michael Frishkopf
  • The poetry of Rumi, sung by Mehdi Samadi, Persian classical musician
  • The poetry of Rumi, performed by Najva Persian music ensemble
  • Ecstatic music and dance from the West African Music Esemble, directed by Robert Kpogo