The 2020 SEM Orchestra concert in VR

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The SEM Orchestra prepared a number of contributions for the 2020 Society for Ethnomusicology meeting, via asynchronous multitrack production.

Using Mozilla Hubs I developed a virtual reality space for their "sonic exhibition". You enter the space using a browser - on computer, mobile phone or tablet (where you can also look around by moving the device), or immersive VR headset (like Vive or Oculus).

Everyone in the space will see one another's avatars and names (provided they've entered them), speak to each other verbally (if they've enabled the mic), and chat. And of course they can move around the space and listen to the tracks we've placed there. It works best in Firefox but also in Chrome. I didn't have luck in Safari, so I would suggest you stick to Firefox and Chrome. There are a number of nooks and crannies that will reward exploration. Moving closer to the note icon the track they represent starts to be heard, immersively (so if it's to your right, you'll hear it more from the right speaker). Get real close if you want to hear just the one track.

Here's the VR link:

Upon entering you'll be asked a series of questions. If you want others to know who you are, it's important to type your name when prompted, and grant mic permissions if you want to be heard.

On computers the virtual reality space uses WASD keys to move (forward, left, right, back, respectively), Q and E to turn (left and right), as in many video games. The G key is useful as it allows you to fly (through the air, walls...). Just don't get confused if you wind up plunging through the floor! It toggles (so hit G again if you want to turn flying off). Point yourself by clicking and dragging on the screen.

Full instructions for movement are here: