Study African Arts and Culture in Ghana

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This 9 credit summer program, entitled "West African Music, Dance, Language, and Culture", comprises social science, humanities, and performing arts components, and is formally equivalent to University of Alberta courses Music x44, Music 365, and Middle Eastern and African Studies 300. The program will run July 2 to August 12 2007, including five weeks at the University of Ghana, plus a final week in a Ghanaian village for immersive learning.

Click to download a descriptive powerpoint presentation and accompanying audio file (place both in the same directory in order to make audio link functional).

Click here for program details

There are a limited number of scholarships available.

Application procedures for the program and scholarship award are as follows:

  • Award Application:

The award selection committee will select and notify the recipients within two weeks of the award deadline. In order to apply for the award, the student simply downloads the application form and submits it to the Education Abroad office with all supporting documents.

  • Program Application:

1. Interested students make an appointment to meet with Caroline Lawson (contacts below) and discuss the program and their interest in studying abroad. By this time, the student is required to have viewed the powerpoint presentation and read the Terms of Student Participation. During the interview, Caroline will provide the application form and review the deadlines.

2. The application deadline is March 1st.

3. The applicants will be notified by March 5th

For more information about this procedure please contact:

Caroline Lawson Study Abroad Student Advisor University of Alberta International Education Abroad Program 8920 HUB Mall Edmonton, AB Canada, T6G 2E1 Tel: 780 492 6215 Fax: 780 492 6213

You may also contact Professor Michael Frishkopf for further information about the program itself.