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[[Dagbamete photo album 2007-2008]]
'''Browse a [[Dagbamete photo album 2007-2008]]'''

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The Kathy Armstrong Lodge, Dagbamete, Volta Region, Ghana (2006)

In July 2008, students enrolled in the University of Alberta West African Music, Dance, Society, and Culture summer program conducted field research in the village of Dagbamete, near Akatsi, in Ghana's Volta Region. This research centered on musical change in the village, its nature and causes. Interviewing a wide range of village residents, young and old, students discovered some of the ways music and related expressive culture (dance, ritual, costume) has changed over the past century or so. Change has been particularly rapid over the last 20 years, especially with the introduction of electricity, impact of the mass media, urban migration, musical tourism, population growth, and broader access to education.

Read interviews with...

Afaxue Emenornu
Angelina Dunyo
Ayu Adogbo
Dagbui Mavis
Daniel Afotey
Etornam and Ama
Felix Kalabo
Godsway Dunyo
Grace Efi Davor
Jacob Kwabla
Jonathan Dots
Kofi Dunyo
Kwasi Davor
Kwasi Dunyo and Kofi
Ledzi Agudzemegan
Mavis Dovlo
Nicholas Awuku
Nunekpako Favour
Sakora Dzemesi
Sunday Nyakpo
Wisdom Dunyo

Browse a Dagbamete photo album 2007-2008