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Kinds of music networks

  • Affiliation networks
    • musicians/groups (musician to group)
    • fan clubs (fan to club)
    • Facebook pages (person to page)
    • musical preference (person to style)
    • concert attendance (person to event)
    • scholars to research areas (topical, theoretical, disciplinary, or geocultural)
  • Statistical implication networks
    • taste implication networks (people who like this music also like this...)
    • Purchase networks (people who bought this also bought this...)
  • friendship networks
    • arbitrary FN loaded with music attributes (taste, performance, consumption, breadth)
    • musician friendship network
  • Legal networks
    • Relationships established by IP ownership
    • Relation of artists to music corporations
    • Relation of music corporations to one another
  • Musical collaboration networks
    • performer collaboration networks
    • composer/lyricist networks
  • Flow networks (diachronic)
    • the diffusion of musical awareness/preference/popularity (how does popularity spread?)
    • the flow of music media: production/distribution/consumption/critical feedback networks
    • genealogical networks
      • transmission - direct teaching and learning networks (formal or informal)
      • musical influence
      • folktune variations
      • musical style and genre development
    • performance interaction
      • musician interactions
      • performer/audience interactions
  • Music theory and composition networks
    • modal, chordal, or pitch networks describing possible musical sequences, as devised by music theorists
    • composition networks (e.g. Lewin and Markov chains), devised by composers, and defining possible musical sequences for human or computer performers (a form of algorithmic composition)
    • networks for free improvisation (e.g. "Electrical Networks")
  • Similarity networks, among
    • musicians
    • songs/pieces
    • styles
  • musical prestige and authority
    • admiration networks (subjective ratings)
    • influence networks (subjective or objective ratings)
  • Musical taste networks
    • musician preference: celebrity topologies
  • aesthetic preference networks (digraph: pairwise judgments on music objects, e.g. "I like A more than B" as "A->B")
  • egonets and music attributes (performance, consumption, taste, breadth)
  • Intertext and hypertext networks
    • citation and co-author networks among music scholars
    • linkages among webpages
    • discursive links via musical terminology
  • Intermusicality networks
    • musical quotation
    • stylistic allusions
  • meta-ethnomusicology
    • Two-mode network of ethnomusicologists and research topics
    • Citation networks and influence
  • web-based networks
    • webpage word co-occurrence (e.g. musical genres)
    • Facebook networks (centered on musicians; or musical friendship links; or embedded music information)
    • Twitter networks (centered on musicians)

Special music network types

Give examples of each of the following as applied to music culture:

  • directed vs undirected networks
  • one mode vs two mode networks
  • complete vs subnetworks
  • networks vs. egonets
  • Small world networks (large networks with surprisingly small diameters)
  • time-evolving networks
  • Geographical networks (network formation favors local links )
  • Scale-free networks (network formation favors global hubs)

Network analysis

Two types:

  1. Descriptive and exploratory
  2. Relational:
    1. what is the relation between network properties of nodes, and attribute properties of nodes, in a single network, then seeking explanations for these relations.
    2. Comparative: relating variables across two or more networks and seeking explanations (e.g. why is this network more densely connected than that one?)

Sources of online network data

Possible project ideas

  • Connecting class members via real or online networks (e.g. shared FB friends)
  • Daily changes in the Twitter egonetwork for music celebrities, correlated to album releases
  • Studies of ethnomusicologists as they collaborate in groups, or affiliate to topics
  • Musical taste implications for social networks
  • Observation of conversational interactions
  • Plot networks in films about musicians
  • Ego-alter networks
  • Friendship networks
  • Musical affiliations
  • Flow: how you learn about music from friends...
  • Literary connections through song lyrics
  • Composer-lyricist networks
  • Social fragmentations induced by media fragmentations
  • Which music networks are scale free?
  • Diameters of music collaboration networks
  • Historical relationship between artists or albums, and newspapers or magazines that review/mention them (many newspapers can be searched online).