Music for Ebola awareness, prevention and training

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There is presently no cure or vaccine for Ebola. Awareness, education, and fundraising for prevention and treatment are absolutely critical. Music is a key technology, with potential to spread awareness and critical information[1][2][3] - rapidly, socially, and with tremendous emotional force

A Liberian hit song, "Ebola in Town" (interview with the artists), produced by partner Shadow (Samuel Morgan) with two other Liberian colleagues, D12 and Kuzzy of 2kings, does all this and more. The song has already been widely disseminated by global media and news outlets, and plays extensively in Monrovia. (Click here for more links to the song and its use on the web....not all uses are authorized!)

We now seek to:

  • Help the three Liberian artists who created Ebola in Town, and others who have produced similar awareness-raising music, to further disseminate their musical messages around the world, for Ebola awareness, education, and health professional training.
  • Produce a North American remix of "Ebola in Town", broadening its audience, involving more musical partners, and raising funds for Ebola prevention and research.
  • Develop musical soundtracks supporting online Ebola training programs now under development at the University of Alberta and elsewhere
  • Develop live musical drama performances to disseminate and instill awareness about the dangers of Ebola to residents of rural Ghana.

Anyone who wishes to join or support these projects, please contact us...
Michael Frishkopf
Professor of Music, University of Alberta