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Note: most of these sites were active at least until 2010. Notes below indicate which ones are still functioning in 2021, and whether they've changed. Sites that are defunct may sometimes be retrieved from the Wayback Machine

Albumaty Album downloads, In Arabic.

Mawaly Defunct. (was still operating halfway through 2018)

Arab Melody Still functioning. Find songs by country or artist name (Arabic only).

1217 Revolutionary and Nationalist songs from Egypt

Ah Ya Salam Defunct (check Wayback Machine pre 2010)

Arabic music tracks, originally offered for 99 cents apiece (lyrics too!). Has now migrated to films and TV shows.

Older Arabic music from vinyl. Defunct.

Yala. Provides a number of "radio" stations, focusing on North Africa (Rai, Gnawa, Malhun, Andalusian, Amazigh, Mezwid, etc.), but with coverage also of Egypt, Gulf, and Lebanon. Also allows search for individual artists.

Arabic music archives. Site exists, but content has disappeared.

Zain. Site exists, but music section is defunct.

Mtc Touch Defunct.

Ah Ya Salam Defunct.

ListenArabic Repurposed as Arabic language training.

Oriental Tunes- Audio and video downloads. Now defunct.

Video Arab- Forum with audio and video downloads. Now defunct.

6arab Defunct.

altarab Site exists but content has disappeared.

alaghany Defunct.

artists Most content has disappeared.

arabic-songs Defunct.


oghnia Defunct. Defunct.

oriental tunes Defunct.

Rotana - audio and video and TV. Repurposed; most musical content removed.

salmiya Defunct.

Sawari Defunct. Classical Arabic music, audio and scores, though some of the technology (Flash, Scorch) is obsolete.

zeryab. Exists but much content has been removed; technology (e.g. rm files) is largely obsolete.

Mawaly Defunct.

Notation and lyrics