MofA Week 6

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Folk music and folkloricization

Listening examples to accompany readings and class discussions:

Fidjeri songs of the Arabian Gulf (Touma, The Music of the Arabs, pp. 88-95).

Roots of Rai: Cheikha Remitti.

The Sira Hilaliyya (Reynolds, D. F. (1994). Musical Dimensions of an Arabic Oral Epic Tradition. Asian Music, 26(1), 53-94.)

Egyptian mawwal (Cachia, P. (1977). The Egyptian Mawwal: Its Ancestry, Its Development, and Its Present Form. Journal of Arab Literature, 8, 77-103.)

The Simsimiyya of the Red Sea region. (Shiloah, A. (1972). The Simsimiyya: A Stringed Instrument of the Red Sea Area. Asian Music, 4(1), 15-26.)