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Arab music online at the University of Alberta

Examples used in class

Diversity in Arab music - examples

Music of the Arab World sampler

El Mastaba video

Databases containing relevant AV media

MENAME Repertoire (repertoire performed by the University of Alberta Middle Eastern and North African Music Ensemble)

Music of the Arab world - audio, video examples and related files

Various Arab music audio sites

Search for appropriate keywords within the following online music databases:

Smithsonian GlobalSound

Smithsonian Folkways recordings (with 30 second clips and liner notes) (hear the whole track at Smithsonian GlobalSound)

Naxos music library

Contemporary World Music

Films on Demand

Ethnographic video online, from the Alexander Street Press Anthropology database

Specific recordings of note

Touma audio examples (online)

An Art of Living on Ziryab in Cordoba

Taqasim, by Jihad Racy and Simon Shaheen

Other Films and Audio online

Arab music in the Music library

The Music Library is located in Rutherford North, 2nd floor.

The following resources are all available in our library; call numbers are provided. NB: these lists were compiled some time ago - for a more up to date listing, consult the Library catalog.

Arab Music Discography

Arab Music Filmography



iTunes (access relevant podcasts via iTunes client application)

BBC program on Umm Kulthum

Arab music download sites


(add your own here)

YouTube videos and playlists

Student contributions

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This is a very light pop song from Lebanon called Ah W Nos. I danced to it last fall with one of my dance classes.
--Cari 16:22, 10 January 2008 (MST)

This is an amazing video! Tunisian ud player/vocalist Dhafer Youssef playing "Odd Poetry" live with his band. His style has been said to be a blend of sufi and electro-jazz. Dhafer Youssef: "Odd Poetry" Live Also check his official website. Dhafer Youssef Official Website -- Rana

Michael's playlists




Saudi Arabia