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Our next meeting is Thurs Jan 11, 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm, FAB 2-7 (same time, place).


Review old repertoire, selecting from:

   * Signature piece (Bilafrah) & taqsim
   * Dulab Nahawand
   * Ya Banat Iskandariyya
   * Dulab and Taqasim Bayyati
   * Ah ya hilw
   * al-Hilwa Di
   * Ah Ya Zayn 
   * Nassem alayna al-hawa. Composition and text by Asi Rahbani (1923-1986) and Mansur Rahbani (b. 1925), both Lebanese.
   * Ah Ya Lally. Traditional Egyptian heritage.
   * Lamma Bada Traditional Arab heritage.
   * Foug al-Nakhal. Traditional Iraqi heritage.  

Besides reviewing some of our existing repertoire, I'd like to delve into some new material next time, with assistance from those who have suggested and know them:

(1) A Persian song, suggested by Elaheh

(hopefully I'll have a notation for you shortly)

(2) An Israeli song, suggested by Ben

(3) Turkish songs, suggested by Ahmed and Mario

(I only have Lelim Ley online so far, but notation for the others has been distributed)

(4) Wahrane, a song performed by Khaled from Algeria, suggested by me