MENAME Final performance Winter 2019

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  • Assis wara, in G Hijaz (goes with C minor). With Dance.
  • Bint al-shalabiya, in C Nahawand
  • Taqasim, dulab, mawwal (Tony), Lamma bada in C Nahawand. Dance?
  • Taqasim, samai, majass (Rashid), Ya shadi al-alhan in C Rast
  • Al-Ghourba in A minor
  • Shamandoura in Bb minor
  • So ya so, in C ajam - with dance, bring in audience
  • Umri ma bansa in D minor. Another possible audience dance (line dance as in the video?)
<break, get audience back in their seats!>
  • Taqasim, dulab, mawwal (Haytham), Ah ya Hilu in D
  • Ah ya zayn in D (arrangement). With dance?