MCSN Thursday, 17-Nov-11

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Hello, MCSN students, from rainy Philadelphia...

Today is another Self-guided in-class project day, with two fun-filled activities for you (try to do both; at least collect data for (a))

(a) map affiliation network for the class and analyze it. Everyone write down groups (music groups, academic programs, genders, age groups, places of origin, musical taste, instruments you play, etc.) to which they affiliate on the board, or discuss. Which groups do you think are significant in determining identity and network structure? Discuss and determine a set of groups. Then figure out which groups you have in common. Who's connected to whom by means of affiliation lines? Create a 2-mode Pajek graph and analyze. Try using m-slices to examine only the high value lines. What sort of social structure emerges? [Please at least collect data so you can do the analysis at home.

(b) play the Network message passing game. Jill will lead (thanks Jill!).

Also for today: Read p. 185, and 9.1-9.4; submit 6.7.

See you on Tuesday...