Leylim Ley

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Leylim Ley


  1. maqam: Kurd D
  2. iqa`: ayub


  1. Baglama solo, ends with one bar of initial rhythmic pattern (be careful to set tempo!)
  2. On second bar of rhythmic pattern, all instruments enter
  3. Instrumental section (baglama takes solo)
  4. First verse: soloists, with response by chorus
  5. Instrumental section (baglama takes solo)
  6. Second verse: soloists, with response by chorus
  7. Instrumental section (violins take solo)
  8. Third verse: soloists, with response by chorus
  9. All loop final phrase, supporting nay solo
  10. On MF's cue, fade out in four repeats of final phrase. Violins drop out after first repeat. Baglama maintain presence to the end.


  1. Allow soloists to be heard
  2. If you're taking a solo, don't play too loudly just before, to maximize contrast
  3. Be sure to count the fadeout, and only from my cue