Leylim Ley

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Leylim Ley

Ibrahim Tatlises, from the film "Mavi Mavi"



  1. maqam: Kurd D
  2. darb: ayub

Turkish pronunciation:

  • ç charm
  • ğ is in most cases a silent letter.
  • ı cousin
  • ö first
  • ş shine
  • ü fruit



Döndüm daldan kopan kuru yaprağa (leylim ley)
Seher yeli dağıt beni kır beni (leylim ley)
Götür tozlarımı burdan uzağa (leylim ley)
Yarin çıplak ayağına sür beni (leylim ley)

Leylim ley, leylim ley
Leylim ley, leylim ley

Ayın şavkı vurur sazım üstüne (leylim ley)
Söz söyleyen yoktur sözüm üstüne (leylim ley)
Gel ey hilal kaşlım dizim üztüne (leylim ley)
Ay bir yandan sen bir yandan sar beni (leylim ley)

Leylim ley, leylim ley
Leylim ley, leylim ley

Yedi yıldır uğramadım yurduma (leylim ley)
Dert ortağı aramadım derdime (leylim ley)
Geleceksen bir gün düşüp ardıma (leylim ley)
Kula değil yüreğine sor beni (leylim ley)

Leylim ley, leylim ley
Leylim ley, leylim ley
(Leylim ley, leylim ley, leylim ley)
(Leylim ley, leylim ley, leylim ley)


Leylim Ley (English translation)

I've turned into a dry leaf torn off from a branch
Morning wind, break me into pieces
Take my dust far away
Rub into a naked foot of my beloved

Moonlight illuminates my saz
No one's words can be stronger than mine
Come, my darling with beautiful eyebrows, sit on my lap
Let you embrace me from one side, and the moonlight will embrace from another

For seven years I couldn't get back to my native land
I wasn't looking for a companion in misfortune
If you'll come someday, falling on my trail
Don't ask people about me, ask your heart

I turned from the dry leaf that fell from the branch,
Oh wind of dawn ruin me, break me,
Take your dust away from here,
Ride me tomorrow towards your bare feet. (??)

The moonlight will shine on my saz, (Turkish folk string instrument)
There's no one who speaks his words over mine,
Come, oh frowning one, onto my lap,
With the moon on one side and you on the other, hug me.

It's been seven years since I returned to my homeland,

I didn't search for a sympathetic ear to listen to my sorrows,
If you're going to come one day and fall behind me,
With your horse-coloured heart, ask about me.


  1. Baglama solo, ends with one bar of initial rhythmic pattern (be careful to set tempo!)
  2. On second bar of rhythmic pattern, all instruments enter
  3. Instrumental section (baglama takes solo)
  4. First verse: soloists, with response by chorus
  5. Instrumental section (baglama takes solo)
  6. Second verse: soloists, with response by chorus
  7. Instrumental section (violins take solo)
  8. Third verse: soloists, with response by chorus
  9. All loop final phrase, supporting nay solo
  10. On MF's cue, fade out in four repeats of final phrase. Violins drop out after first repeat. Baglama maintain presence to the end.


  1. Allow soloists to be heard
  2. If you're taking a solo, don't play too loudly just before, to maximize contrast
  3. Be sure to count the fadeout, and only from my cue