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Ivy and Kat (Summer 2010)

Name: Ivy Dargaba
Age: 16
Occupation: Student
Hometown: Akatsi

IVY DARGABA is a sixteen year old young woman from a nearby village. I first came upon Ivy sitting on a bench listening to an iPod. Although she was shy and spoke broken English, we were able to communicate well enough for an interview. Below are the details of the interview.

Kathleen: “Ivy, I would like to talk with you about music are you willing to answer a few questions I have?”

Ivy: “Uhuh.”

Kathleen: “How old are you?”

Ivy: “Sixteen”.

Kathleen: “Where do you live?”

Ivy: “I live in Akatsi – a nearby town to here. I come here for vacation with my Auntie.”

Kathleen: “Do you go to school in Akatsi?”

Ivy: “Yes. I go to grade eleven right now but I wants to be a newscaster so I has to go on wit school.”

Kathleen: “Do you live with your parents in Akatsi?”

Ivy: “I only live wit my mother. My father dies three years ago. He was paramount chief so I am a princess of a king (smiles with pride).”

Kathleen: “I am sorry your father died. Was he sick?”

Ivy: “Yes he got sick and dies too soon.”

Kathleen: “Did you have a funeral celebration for him.”

Ivy: “Not yet. We have one in September.”

Kathleen: “September? That seems like a long time since he died and the funeral.”

Ivy: “(nods)…yes, but we are waitin’ on important people to come because my father was the paramount chief.”

Kathleen: “I see. Everyone needs to honor your father because he was an important person in your community and in your family.”

Ivy: “Yes.”

Kathleen: “What will you do at the funeral?”

Ivy: “I will be there wit my mother and we will be sad but we will also sing and dance and has a celebration of him.”

Kathleen: “Will the music be traditional music?”

Ivy: “Yes.”

Kathleen: “Will you play an instrument?”

Ivy: “No. I will just dance.”

Kathleen: “And sing?”

Ivy: “Not really. Just dance.”

Kathleen: “Do you like traditional music?”

Ivy: “Very much.”

Kathleen: “What do you like about it?”

Ivy: (shrugs)

Kathleen: “Do you like it because you hear it often in your village?”

Ivy: “No. I like to sing and dance to it. It make me happy!”

Kathleen: “I notice that you are listening to an iPod today. Is that yours?”

Ivy: “No, it is Kenny’s.”

Kathleen: “Who is Kenny?”

Ivy: “Kenny is Kwasi’s son. He lives in Canada and in the village so he let me listen.”

Kathleen: “Do you have favorite music on the iPod?”

Ivy: “I like traditional music but mostly HipLife…a band, Yuri Yuri.”

Kathleen: “May I have a listen?”

Ivy: “Yes…(she laughs)”.

Kathleen: “Thank you for sharing your music with me.”

Ivy: (nods and smiles)

Interviewed by Kat Danser, Summer 2010

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