Inshad dini

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Inshad Dini = religious hymnody

  • Ibtihalat. Performed by Shaykh Taha al-Fashni, probably the most famous mubtahil of the 20th c. Here

ibtihalat is based entirely on poetry. The recording is different from the dawn-prayer style heard above. From Sono Cairo 67028/601.

  • Tawashih diniyya. Performed by Shaykh Muhammad al-Fayyumi and his bitana (chorus). Tawashih

involve alternation between solo and chorus; the former improvisatory, the latter more precomposed and quasi-metric. From Sono Cairo 75113/461.

  • Mawlid. Listen to a typical mawlid and read the associated album notes. The mawlid is a celebration of the Prophet Muhammad's birth, including devotional singing; it is frequently recited in the mystical orders of Islam, the turuq Sufiyya - in this case the Hamidiyya Shadhiliyya order of Egypt.
  • New mediated inshad. With the advent of mass-media, combined with a more conservative attitude towards inshad generally, a new more popular, more restrained style of inshad has emerged, typified by this video clip by Kuwaiti Mishary Rashid. Shaykh Mishary Rashid al-Afasy, b. 1976, is a Kuwaiti who also performs Qur'an.

Another famous performer is the British Sami Yusuf, who performs in both English and Arabic; he is of Azeri descent, and trained in traditional music of Azerbayjan, a genre in which his father excelled.