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Hibbina, from the 1975 film "Nagham fi Hayati"

Composed and sung by Farid al-Atrash, from the 1975 film "Nagham fi Hayati" (A melody in my life). Hanan works as a secretary for Mamdouh, the respected singer who is also good friends with her family. She goes to Lebanon to spend the summer with her mother, and see her boyfriend Mohsen who dreams of immigrating to Brazil to earn a decent living and become rich instead of working at his father's coffee shop. Hanan tries to discourage him from going away because they love each other. However, Mohsen leaves the country which breaks his father's heart as well as Hanan's who later discovers that she's pregnant with his child. Fearing that her pregnancy would cause a scandal, she tries to commit suicide but Mamdouh rescues her just in time. When he learns about her dilemma he decides to marry her and father her unborn child despite the age difference between them. After Mamdouh and Hanan wed they realize their feelings towards each other have turned into love.

see http://bit.ly/mename20g for scores and lyrics