Dzogbana Gawu Mortu

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Name: Dzogbana Gawu Mortu
Occupation: Diviner

Mortu was born in Anlo-Afiadenyigb, but moved to Dagbamate in 1996. He became a Diviner through sickness; during sickness he was asked to perform and train to be a Diviner. Mortu went on to tell me about the beads that he uses in Divination. The colours of the beads are related to the spirits; spirits have colours. He deals with colours to find out who you are. Through Divination, when Mortu is spiritually invoked, he sings. Divination, he says, has its own music with its own sounds. Every Divination has its own song, because every Divination is personal. Drumming in Divination has various rhythms, which have never changed, as they are all very old rhythms. In fact, Initiation at the shrine uses the same rhythm as Divination. Mortu receives business every day of the week except for Fridays, because that is the spirits’ day of rest. He depends on the worry of the people for the amount of business he receives.

Interviewed by Jillian Fulton Summer 2009

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