Beta Davor

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Name: Beta Davor
Age: 40 years old
Occupation Seamstress
Place of Birth: Dagbamete
Place of Residence: Dagbamete

She sings in the shrine and knows many songs. She enjoys the music and often dances. Learned music in school and started at six years old. The songs she learned were passed down by her parents and were taught to her at home. This was done by a process of her parents singing to her, and then she learned by practicing it herself. Her opinion is that there are different songs now than in the past, like an evolving process. She can sing in English, Ewe, and Twi. The old songs will always remain the same but there are new ones that people are creating now. There are no female master drummers in the community and mainly females just sing and dance. She teaches her own children the common songs in Ewe. She also listens to some forms of popular music.

Interviewed by Catherine Blondin-Wilson Summer 2009

Group interview with Beta, Felicia and Happy Davor

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