Area Studies in Ethnomusicology

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Music 465/565: Area Studies in Ethnomusicology:

Music of the Persianate World: Iran and Central Asia

Fall 2006

Classes: Wednesdays 9:00-11:50, Music Library RN 2/109A (seminar room) (on 20 Sept 2006 only: 3-56 Fine Arts Building)

Instructor: Prof. Federico Spinetti

Office: 3-65 Fine Arts Building; office hours: Tuesday 10:00-12:00am, or by appointment

tel. 492-7534 or

Graduate and undergraduate students are welcome

Course description

This course explores the musical sounds, practices and concepts of selected areas of Inner and Central Asia, with specific emphasis on areas that are broadly characterized by the presence of Persian-speaking peoples or by cultural and artistic expressions that are related to or influenced by Persian literature and culture. The focus of this course is on the musical cultures of Iran, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Northern Afghanistan. Issues addressed include music repertoires and structures; musical practices and concepts; the relation of musical practices, concepts and meanings to historical, social, ideological and political contexts; the relationship between music and learned or popular literary traditions; tradition, modernization, westernization and globalization; popular music, new technologies and the media. In addition, the course will be concerned with exploring Iranian and Central Asian musics in Edmonton. No formal knowledge of music theory, analysis, history, notation or ethnomusicology is a prerequisite for taking this course. Undergraduates should enroll in Music 465; graduates should enroll in Music 565.

For further information, please contact Federico Spinetti tel. 492-7534;


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