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Ahwak, from the 1957 film "Banat al-Yawm", with music by Mohamed Abdel Wahab

Two sisters, Salwá and Laylá, meet two friends Fathi (Ahmed Ramzi) and Khalid (Abdel Halim Hafiz). Fathi really likes Salwá, but Salwá falls in love with Khalid. Khalid, on the other hand, respects that his friend likes Salwá and ignores his feelings for her. Believing that Laylá is similar to her sister, Khalid proposes to marry her instead. Fathi tried to forget his love for Salwá by having an affair with Laylá's divorced friend. Khalid realizes that there are too many differences between himself and Laylá, and he discovers that he truly loves Salwá.