Week 8 - Mountain music of Tajikistan and Northern Afghanistan: ritual and poetry among the Ismailis of Badakhshan

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The questionnaire will contain from 10 to 15 questions asking you to provide basic notions and information relevant to the course content. Some questions will be multiple choice, while others will require you to fill in empty spaces or provide a brief definition. You will need to answer all of them in class in 50 minutes time. Weekly assigned readings and lectures will provide sufficient preparation for this assignment.

Wednesday, February 27: Music of the Ismailis of Tajikistan, Xinjiang and Afghanistan; Music, trance and healing.

Assigned readings: Berg 2004: 22-44; Koen 2003b.

Friday, February 29: viewing: "Song and Dance from the Pamir Mountains"

Assigned readings: O'Connell 2004.

Further readings: Koen 2005. Berg 2004: chapters 2 & 6. Becker 2004: chapter 1.

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