Sunday Nyakpo

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Sunday Nyakpo (July 2008)

Name: Sunday Nyakpo
Age: 48 years old
Education Level: high school
Birth Place: Wme Avete?

Sunday Nyakpo explained that with regards to musical tastes, older people prefer Adzagbo, Gahu, and other musical groups that have their own occasions. In comparison, the young people prefer borborbor, high-life etc. He musically defines himself as a singer and partakes in Agbadza, Agbaoka, Gahu, etc. With regards to musical change, he replied that everything depends on interest, and it is not easy to look in the whole repertoire of music of the village. Therefore information is bound to be lost. He also used a proverb about money to Ledzi to get money from me for having spoken to him. He remarked that there is no water falling from the water-fall and I paid him 5 GHC for 20 minutes of his time. Reflection: He was not a great source of information; I did ask him many questions but he gave very short replies and did not elaborate. In his opinion there is no generation gap and women can play drums.

Interviewed by Julia Santana-Parrilla in July 2008

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